Middle School Afternoon Painting Class: Full
Middle School Morning Painting Class: Open
High School Painting Class: Open
Middle School Writing Class: Full
High School Writing Class: Full

Anne and Ted Ibur—partners in marriage, kids, dogs, cats, and a 30-year mortgage—host another season of the Gifted Arts Project!

Ted and Anne Ibur at the Teacher Of The Year novel release party

Our program provides middle school, high school and adult students a channel to thrive in a creative environment surrounded by peers who are both talented and passionate about the arts. In addition to receiving direct instruction, critiques and feedback from us, we also utilize guest teachers and artists to further enhance the arts education experience.

With the continued focus on assessment around the country, more than 80% of all public school districts have cut some time or resources from arts education.  The Gifted Arts Project offers students of all ages the opportunity, expertise, and environment to express themselves in writing and the visual arts.

*To view schedules & fees, check out the Artists or Writers sections. Tuitions and fees are also found on both pages.

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