ENROLL FOR 2017-2018
This class is open to writers who are in 4th or 5th
 grade during the 2017-18 school year.

After the launch of the elementary program this summer we are now officially offering the class to elementary school writers entering the 4th and 5th grade this year! Just like in the middle and high school classes—grade levels are combined. Elementary students are given instruction in various writing formats including fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama.  We use writing prompts to help spark the flow of expression within specific time frames. One of the biggest challenges younger writers face, and let’s face it—older writers too—is turning off the “inner editor” to get ideas and thoughts down as spontaneously as possible. Students are taught how to provide meaningful and constructive feedback to one another in an environment designed to be fun and inspiring. 

When: 6:00-8:15, Thursdays (Two additional classes are scheduled on *Mondays as make-ups for students who need to miss a class…or two.)

Sept. 28•Oct. 26•Nov. 16•Dec. 14•Jan. 18•*Jan. 29•Feb. 15•Mar. 8•Apr. 12•*Apr. 23•May 3

Where: Classes will be held primarily at Webster Christian Church and the Gaslight Theater.

Cost: $300

Fiction…..Students learn about the basic elements of fiction: plot, character, setting, and theme with a particular focus on conflict development, voice, point-of-view, and dialogue.

Poetry…..Students write in different poetic formats as well as learning how to define and use various poetic devices and terms.

Creative Nonfiction…..The most popular form of literature outselling fiction 10:1. This genre is all about writing a real story using fictive elements like conflict, setting, dialogue, developed characters and a plotline.

Drama…..Writers learn the basic elements and formatting of theatrical writing.

Guest Artist

Syna So Pro, Syrhea Conaway, is a one-woman band who uses a multiplex of effects pedals, rack units, mixers, several instruments, and drum beats to create her live sound. It can best be described as musical performance art as she dances on an array of pedals, plays the violin, guitar, keys, bass and sings to create a wall of sound stitched together by Conaway herself. While Conaway sings about emotional rebirth through self-discovery and challenges of bringing us closer to ourselves, Syna So Pro is the musical glue that weaves the messaging and music together.







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