The 2018 Summer Session will be posted in December 2017. Students are given instruction in various writing formats including fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama. The focus is on positive, thoughtful, and informative analysis of writing.

We employ engaging writing prompts to help spark the flow of expression within specific time frames. The goal is to turn off the inner editor to get ideas and thoughts down as spontaneously as possible. Writing instructors and students (usually a 1:8 ratio or smaller) provide constructive feedback to help guide revision. The environment is designed to be stimulating, inspiring, and fun!

  • When 6:00-8:30 Tuesdays (Several *Mondays & **Wednesdays are also on the calendar)
    *Aug. 28•Sep. 5•**Sep. 27•**Oct. 11•Oct. 17•**Oct. 25•Nov. 7•*Nov. 27•Dec. 5•Dec. 11•Jan. 16•Jan. 30•Feb. 13•Feb. 27•Mar. 13•**Mar. 28•Apr. 10•Apr. 24•May 8
  • Where Webster Christian Church and The Gaslight Theater
  • Cost $300 for 9 classes and  $550 for 18 classes (see Deep Dive)

Fiction…..Students learn about the basic elements of fiction: plot, character, setting, and theme with a particular focus on conflict development, voice, point-of-view, and dialogue.

Poetry…..Students learn poetry terms and write narrative, free verse, and formal poetry including sestina, sonnet, villanelle, and other forms.

Creative Nonfiction…..The most popular form of literature outselling fiction 10:1. This genre is all about writing a real story using fictive elements like conflict, setting, dialogue, developed characters, and a plotline.

Drama…..Just like any story, a play must have a beginning, middle & end. Students work on a one-act play and are taught the nine elements of playwriting including— dramatic conflict, strategies for dealing with the conflict, logical behavior, cause & effect, plot obstacles, forward action, developed character arc, and theatricality.

Guest Artists  TBA

Interns for the 2018 Summer Session TBA




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