Elementary School Visual Arts

Students will receive visual arts instruction in various forms, particularly drawing and painting. In addition to learning diverse techniques and experimenting with new media, the class will follow the entire artistic process from initial sketches to final works, from artist statement to public presentation. Selected media may include watercolor, ink, colored pencil, etc. With an illustrative bend, the course emphasizes visual storytelling. Students will create works that communicate their ideas, experiences, and personal styles within an encouraging, inspiring environment. 

Two-week session: Mondays – Fridays, June 10 – 21, 2019; Three-week session: June 10-28, 2019 Times: 9 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. Location: Saint Louis University, St. Louis Art Museum, Kemper Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum



Portrait of Terry Shay

Terri Shay
“The work I create is meant to amuse, inspire intrigue, and foster a curiosity of the mystery that is our natural world. Through familiar forms and organic movements an alternative landscape emerges in colors Mother Nature might have tried if she were a bit more abstract in her execution. I am fascinated by thinking of art and design in terms of solving a visual and melodious puzzle.”

Terri Shay has been working as a professional artist for over 30 years. She’s worked as an illustrator, painter, and educator. She likes to share her imagination with others by adapting a color palette with an almost infinite array of shading and hues. From illustrating the art of children’s books, expressing popular topics and seasonal events in greeting cards, to bringing her travels to life on canvas, her emotive soul is shared. Terri is currently teaching Color, Design and Painting at Saint Louis University and Saint Louis Community College.
She has a B.F.A from Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH, MFA from Fontbonne University with an Emphasis in Painting. Terri Shay has had countless shows, exhibits, and publications. Here are some highlights:
Shows & Exhibits

Schmidt Gallery at
South West Illinois College

Kathy and Greg Gallery
Landscape group show

The Green Center
“In the Green”
Solo Show

Creatures St Louis Art Guild
Kathy and Greg Gallery
Inside and Out

Vino Gallery Central West End Saint Louis Group Show “Season of Change Art”
Saint Louis “Eatable Art” Group Show
Schmitt Gallery at South Western College Illinois

Northwest Coffee “Bugs Bees and Beets” November

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